Why Democrats are terrified of Scott Walker

Scott Walker
Scott Walker

Democrats are terrified of Scott Walker, and they should be.

He’s faced off against the new community-organizing wing of progressive politics firsthand and he’s defeated it.  Multiple times. He hasn’t done it through a pre-branded corporate-approved cult of personality. He hasn’t done it by being the loudest guy in the room or prancing around with a selfie stick. He hasn’t done it with a throng of celebrity endorsements. He has simply behaved like a humble statesman articulating a clear set of conservative principles, and has remained the preternaturally silent center of the whirlwind raging around him. He has quietly and assiduously twisted a long knife. After 8 years of presidential playground hashtag talking points that prove nothing other than who can bark the loudest, Walker’s businesslike tenacity with his political opponents in the public square could be exactly what is wanted and needed. If the country is truly ready to move on from liberal celebrity showmen of the likes of Barack Obama and Donald Trump, Walker is the guy most apt to guide it beyond that point.

Scott Walker is far from perfect. But he might just be perfect for this particular fight.


Be sure to read the rest of this excerpt from TheWilderness.me. It’s everything you need to know about Scott Walker and why he may just be untouchable in a presidential campaign.

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