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Where’s the dialogue? **crickets**

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It was nothing I intentionally set out to prove. I just watched the unfolding, so I’ll speak from my own personal experience.

I’m not the only one who bears witness to the hollow cry of the “left” in their default position of “America needs a dialogue.” The truth is, dialogue is the last thing they want.

Coincidentally, the left’s criticisms rarely match the content that enrages them. Somehow they end up in the stratosphere.

My May 29 commentary, “Lies of convenience,” cited interviews and information from liberal sources MSNBC and CNN along with the findings of an 18-month investigation by liberal journalist Bob Woodward, all dispelling the left’s favorite mantra of “Bush lied.”

In critical response, “Bill” (no last name, of course) said Betty Arenson lies. No supporting info, naturally.

Following was David (who did identify himself), saying I have “fact deficit disorder.” That conclusion was sopping with good humor, considering my facts were his kind of sources.

There is no response to mind-sets like those except possibly if those liberal sources are lying to me, then I’ m lying to you.

In two early July commentaries, “Not even a footnote” and “No photo-op here,” I pointed out the hypocrisy of Al Sharpton, Barack Obama and Eric Holder, showing how they only emerge to make headlines with selective black lives while thousands of others are ignored. In the mix is their buddy, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s former chief of staff. I cited precise, updated statistics from the Chicago Tribune.

Both commentaries deliberately perpetuated the loud and riotous cry that black lives matter – which has culminated in the PC-adopted and promoted (fad) logo, #blacklivesmatter.

Ironically, I’m on their side, but that is dismissed because I am not of “their” persuasion, therefore I couldn’t possibly be sincere. Rest assured, I am adamant that not only black, but ALL lives matter – but we’ll stick to the narrow theme of the hashtag.

Without repeating both the previous commentaries in their entirety, excerpts will paint the picture. The full texts can easily be viewed online.

“Not even a footnote” profiled a grieving black mom who didn’t “matter” enough to draw Sharpton and company or the professional protestors George Soros helps fund.

“Gary” (no last name of course) blogged to remind me of “the race button” and that the president is “black,” then drifted off to Social Security and (Santa Clarita) “city services.”

Jared (had the candor to offer last name and photo) signed on with name-calling and questioned the George Soros comment.

I decided to respond to both.

“Gary” needed to be reminded President Obama is half white, and I questioned why the color of Obama’s skin bothers “Gary” so much. That isn’t what bothers me about this president. Lastly, he also needed to be educated about the sources and workings of Social Security (the topic he brought up).

We didn’t hear from “Gary” again. Where’s the dialogue?

For Jared, I posted clear locations where he could verify George Soros’ funding groups that hire protestors. It’s all there.

We didn’t hear from Jared again. Where’s the dialogue?

“No photo-op here” cited another grieving mom who doesn’t fit the agenda. I gave sources of The New York Times, Washington Times, Chicago Tribune and Newsmax, providing articles on protestors paid by leftist activists groups like a branch of Acorn.

David (earlier mentioned) ignored all of the facts and took umbrage with only Newsmax and the Acorn reference.

David blogged, assigning me “hyperbole,” and of all four news sources, he specifically selected the conservative one – Newsmax – and then alleged its funded by the Koch brothers. He inferred my Acorn reference was wrong, then called me a “not credible … right-wing hater” while misspelling my name.

Since, again, David had no supporting facts, just accusations and name-calling, he needed a reply.

I asked for his verifiable source that the Koch brothers fund Newsmax; I advised he check the participants in Newsmax’s investor group and cited: “Newsmax blew away CNN Politics, Politics, Huffington Post Politics, Politico and Fox News. Looks like not just conservatives pay attention to Newsmax.”

Further, “Acorn was to fold April 1, 2010, because of their scandals of embezzlement, voter fraud and losing federal funding under the umbrella of the Census Bureau – yes, our tax dollars. However, their state chapters remained to “reorganize” and one is the “MORE” I mentioned.

That comes from Reuters. Is Reuters a good enough source for David?

We didn’t hear from David again. Where’s the dialogue?

Photo credit Andrew Feinberg

Betty Arenson

Betty Arenson

Betty Arenson is a Valencia resident who believes in the Constitution in its entirety and that laws should be upheld and apply to everyone equally.

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