US Marine sentry ordered to leave recruiting office post

US Marine, sentry standing guard at recruiting center, videostill
US Marine, sentry standing guard at recruiting center, videostill

After the Chattanooga shooting of 2 military installations, citizens have taken up arms to stand as sentries protecting the recruiting center gun-free zones from further violence.

These citizens are former law enforcement and/or military veterans. They are highly trained in the handling of firearms. They are well within their legal right to open carry weapons in public. They aren’t hurting anyone. They are protecting our valuable military assets who are legally unable to protect themselves in their current installation.

I say, this is a good thing.

One citizen, US Marine veteran Matthew Benack stood watch at a Jacksonville, FL recruiting center. At first, there appeared to be no problem. But then the property owner decided it wasn’t a good idea and ordered the Marine off the premises.

Looking at it from her perspective, it’s hard to blame her. Who do you think will be held responsible if someone is injured on her property? Yep, she will. We live in such a litigious society now, that that’s something people, like this landlord, has to consider. It’s sad that she has to conduct her business out of fear of being sued.

Now, those unarmed military men and women are at risk… again. I guess she’s not concerned about lawsuits arising from one of them being injured in an attack.

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