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US House disrespects Civil War descendants

In response to the outcry over the Confederate Flag following the death of 9 black Americans shot dead by a mentally ill, white supremacist while praying in church… the US House bans Confederate Flags on Civil War soldiers’ graves in federal cemeteries. So let me get this straight…

We’re banning a flag that had absolutely nothing to do with the death of 9 people and will do absolutely nothing to fix racism or future tragic incidents by crazed lunatics.

Trying to remove evidence of history doesn’t mean it never happened. Nor will it prevent future incidences. The only thing that will ensure something like this doesn’t happen again is EDUCATION! We must educate Americans about history, about how to treat each other, about respecting and appreciating our differences. That’s the only answer.

The fact that white supremacists have hijacked the Confederate Flag doesn’t change the historical relevance.

Offending families who’s ancestors and loved ones gave their lives in defense of their country, regardless of which side of America they fought for, is uncalled for and disrespectful.

And sweeping uncomfortable parts of our American history under the rug does not fix the problem.

To the US House of Representatives… stop wasting time and taxpayer money and actually work on MEANINGFUL legislation that may actually accomplish something for the American people.


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Tammy Messina

Tammy Messina

Christ following, wife, mother, grandmother, and small business owner with passions for holistic wellness, gardening, raising critters, and preserving our Constitutional liberties especially free speech, religious freedom, and the 2nd Amendment. God gave me the most wonderful husband, who I love dearly and am grateful to have the opportunity to work with every day as his Producer in this Real Side venture. When you see my posts, they are truly mine. So please don't hold him accountable for what I write. Contrary to what some say, I'm not a Stepford wife. I have my own opinions and am willing to share some of them here.

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