Study confirms: More guns, less crime

guns, weapons
guns, weapons

Via TheFreedomPost:

  • 15.4% increase in permits in the last year
  • 1 in 20 people has a permit
  • 10 states require no permit at all
  • 270% increase for women and a more than 100% increase for minorities compared to whites.
  • Concealed permit carriers are more law-abiding

More guns, less crime

Via Crime Prevention Research Center:

Over the years, more and more states have adopted laws to allow individuals to obtain concealed carry permits. Illinois was the last state to do so, with the first permits issued in March 2014. Even Washington, D.C. started issuing permits earlier this year. Today, permitted concealed handguns are allowed in every jurisdiction in the United States.

But the rules vary greatly from state to state. Some states don’t even require permits, with no fees or training required. Some states make it easy and cheap to get a permit. In South Dakota, the fee to obtain the four-year permit is only $1, with no training requirement. Similarly, in Pennsylvania, the permit only costs $19 for five years and there is no training requirement. By contrast, Illinois charges a $150 fee and requires 16 hours of training. With training and range time, it may cost as much as $300, meaning the total dollar costs of getting a permit in Illinois is about $450. Not surprisingly, concealed carry is much more popular in states where permits are relatively inexpensive and easier to obtain.

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