Professor heckles students supporting Scott Walker

Scott Walker, Campaign Announcement
Scott Walker, Campaign Announcement

The height of unprofessionalism… Professor Sara Goldrick-Rab at University of Wisconsin heckles incoming freshman via Twitter who support Scott Walker. She even went so far as to suggest that they wouldn’t get a quality education at UW because of Walker.

Yeah, she’s a union gal who’s apparently mad about losing tenure. She’s already predicting she’ll be fired within a year. If she keeps harassing students and disparaging the college via Twitter, she’s probably right! But it won’t be Scott Walker’s fault. Last I checked, Governor’s don’t have hire and fire authority at the professor level in state universities. But that won’t stop her from blaming him.

Maybe she should focus on doing her job instead of stirring up trouble with students and making the university look bad? Now there’s an idea…

H/T CollegeFix

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