Obama wants Tea Party Gadsden flag banned too

Gadsden Flag, Tea Party
Gadsden Flag, Tea Party

At the NAACP convention on Tuesday, July 21, 2015, President Obama mentioned the Confederate Flag ban and apparently suggested banning Tea Party Flags (like the Gadsden Flag) on public property:

“Justice is not only the absence of oppression, it’s the absence of racist, divisive symbols in our public discourse.”

The opposition must be shut down by any means! The Gadsden Flag is not racially divisive. It is politically divisive.

It doesn’t matter that these flags are part of our nation’s history, whether that history is good, bad, or indifferent is not the issue. The fact that they are now vilified justifies erasing them from history.

I can think of several divisive symbols I’d like to see removed, but I doubt he would agree. What’s divisive to some might be unifying to others. This ultimately comes down to freedom of speech, that 1st Amendment protection that is quickly eroding into nothingness.

What divisive symbol would you like to see removed from the public discourse?

H/T WashingtonWeeklyNews and DCClothesline

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