#LoveWins, but this sure looks a lot like hate

George Takei, Justice Clarence Thomas, Blackface Clown
George Takei, Justice Clarence Thomas, Blackface Clown

Today, a white conservative called Barack Obama a “clown wearing blackface” over a difference of opinion. Outrage ensued and the conservative was immediately, and righteously, labeled a racist and a bigot.

Oops, my bad… Today, George Takei called Justice Clarence Thomas, the only African American SCOTUS justice, a clown wearing blackface over a difference of opinion. Though his statement was absolutely racist and bigoted, as a progressive homosexual, he can never be labeled a racist or bigot because…um…#lovewins, or something.

Can someone get me a Tylenol? This new logic is making my head hurt.

[Ed. – #lovewins but in the new protected class pecking order… apparently, blacks lose. If you have an explanation for this, please leave a comment.]

H/T TheRightScoop

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