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Liberal pundit says, Christians deserve to be ostracized

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Following the SCOTUS same-sex marriage ruling, liberal pundit, Sally Kohn writes:

Will anti-gay Christians be politically and socially ostracized? I sure hope so.

Let that sink in. This person, who supposedly wants equality for all, apparently only wants it for people who agree with her. You’d think after all that the LGBT community has endured, they’d be a little more sensitive and tolerant to those who are different… you know… like they wanted everyone else to be with them.

Was the whole same-sex marriage campaign about equality and love (like they said) or was it really about retribution? Hmmm…

But don’t worry… she goes on to say:

You are not being exiled. The world is simply moving on without you.

We’re not being “exiled”? That’s not what she said earlier when she called for us to be “ostracized.” Apparently she doesn’t understand the meaning of the words “ostracized” and “exiled.” They’re pretty much the same thing… Hey Sally, you might want to invest in a Thesaurus.

My Christian friends, if you thought this war ended with the Supreme Court ruling, you’re sorely mistaken. That was just the warning shot over the bow. Prepare yourselves… it’s going to be a bumpy ride for a quite some time.

H/T LouderWithCrowder and TheDailyBeast

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Tammy Messina

Tammy Messina

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