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Innocent black teen gunned down. Where’s the media coverage?

Tavin Price, Video Still, Black, Violence, Shooting

Do you recognize the names Jennifer Rivers, Chuck Taylor or Tavin Price?  No? There’s no wonderment in that. Mainly because the names aren’t sexy and do not command celebrity faces in the cameras.

Jennifer Rivers is a mom, Tavin Price is her son, and Chuck Taylor is the brand name on faddish sneakers.

The sneakers got 19-year-old Tavin shot and killed in a South Los Angeles neighborhood recently.

Tavin didn’t wear his red sneakers to represent a gang; he wore them because he liked fire trucks.

Sandy Banks, an L.A. Times reporter, a black reporter, gave needed attention and tribute to young Tavin.

At age 3, Tavin had a bad accident that left him in a coma for months. He did awaken, but with brain damage and “a stunted” body that required his mom to buy his clothes in the children’s department when he was a teenager.

Tavin was at a car wash with his mom, not realizing the gang danger confronting him. As he approached his mom, the murderers shot him twice – then twice more. Among other things, his mom cried and screamed, “You shot my son. Who does that? Who does that?”

Reporter Banks would ask the golden question. “How can some black lives matter so little to other black people?”

A whole lot of us are asking the same thing.

Here’s the absolute truthful, non-PC answer.

As I said earlier, Tavin’s death wasn’t sexy.  It didn’t fit the agendas of race-baiter Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder or Barack Obama. Tavin wasn’t killed by a cop, of any color, especially a white one.

Therefore there were no riots, no phony protesters hired and paid by George Soros to burn down black businesses and simply, in general, raise destructive hell.

Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s former White House chief of staff, isn’t in the race-baiting choir because he’s got his own full bucket to carry as mayor of Chicago.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Emanuel’s city had 2,589 murders (significantly black-on-black crimes) in 2014, and for the first 183 days of 2015 there were 1,289 (Chicago Tribune). In May alone, there were about 320. Black men, women, teens, children, all ages murdered in the streets.

It’s the hot-button “gun violence,” you say? Chicago has one of the toughest, most restrictive gun laws in the union.

We need more gun control laws? No. “No,” to that tired old refrain. I’ve yet to see one published statistic on the gang hoodlums who purchased their guns legally and registered them. Have you?

With 3,878 murders in Chicago alone in 18 months, Tavin joins them in not even being a footnote to the world.

It matters to his mom who visits his grave at the Inglewood Cemetery every day, and to his brother James. But to the “left,” they are no-names; they are not utilitarian.

I like Jennifer Rivers’ unfettered emotional expressions for the murderers. She doesn’t care about being PC when she said there’ll be no forgiveness. To be exact, she said, “I want to kill him. … I want to blow his brains out.”

Oh, more violence, you say?

I say let this mom have her unleashed heave of fury. Not enough people care about her, her son, or all of the other families suffering, iced with the same lack of attention from the “celebrities.”

I read this story four times because it’s so poignant, sad and pure.  Each reading left me with one lingering question: Why does Tavin’s death and Jennifer’s grief bother me more than the leftist PC crowd?

It’s because I sincerely believe “black lives matter,” especially innocent black lives, versus it being merely a convenient, trendy hash-tag.

Photo credit Fox59 video still

Betty Arenson

Betty Arenson

Betty Arenson is a Valencia resident who believes in the Constitution in its entirety and that laws should be upheld and apply to everyone equally.

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