ICYMI: Senator wants to cut Federal funding to Sanctuary Cities

San Francisco, Bay Bridge
San Francisco, Bay Bridge

Last week, Senator Tom Cotton introduced legislation that would make sanctuary cities (cities who refuse to cooperate with federal immigration policies) ineligible for federal immigration and law enforcement grants.

And he’s not the only one. Several legislators are bringing forward similar bills. The Hill has a fairly comprehensive list, though they’ve title the piece “Republicans push to punish sanctuary cities.” Punish? Really? Well, I guess that’s pretty accurate. If you break the law (and get caught) you’ll receive some form of punishment.

I never understood the logic behind allowing a sanctuary city to blatantly break the law. Though immigration laws these days certainly don’t seem to hold much water. I mean, who’s enforcing them anyway?

I guess if we can’t get our President to instruct his Administration to enforce immigration law, lawmakers are getting creative and constructing painful deterrents for some of the lawbreakers.

Let’s see how this works out… I smell another SCOTUS case coming.

Photo credit Rob Schmdit



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