ICYMI: Gov Bobby Jindal prays… in public (GASP!)

Bobby Jindal
Bobby Jindal

In case you missed it… Yes, it was caught on video… presidential candidate and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal prayed in public. In fact, it looks like he may even be LEADING the prayer. (GASP!)

And (here’s that trigger warning for you sensitive types!) he used the name of Jesus. And not just Jesus, but Jesus Christ. (GASP!)


Interestingly enough, there were no boos, no protests, no outbursts in opposition, or offended people getting up and walking out. How can that be?

This is what a room full of tolerant, respectful people look like. Whether they were the same religious persuasion as Jindal or not, they had enough decency to respect his right to pray… in public. And enough compassion for those affected by the Chattanooga terrorist attack to understand that prayer is a comfort to many.

Agree or not… it’s our 1st Amendment right to exercise our religious beliefs. Good for him having the conviction to do what he believes without concern for the certain backlash from the PC police. It’s nice to see someone with integrity and a spine.

H/T IJReview

Photo credit Michael Vadon

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