Did you miss #AskPOTUS yesterday?

President Obama, AskPOTUS, Twitter
President Obama, AskPOTUS, Twitter

Yesterday, President Obama took to Twitter under the hashtag #AskPOTUS for about 20 minutes to answer questions from constituents about the ACA. In case you missed it, here’s a brief recap how it went…

He answered 12 questions, 6 were about Obamacare, the other 6 covered The Bulls, guacamole recipes, college tuition, and his favorite song (among other non-ACA things).

Take this one for instance…

It couldn’t be that they’re “turned off” by the exorbitant insurance rate.

Wait Mr. President… does that mean you’re going to contact state officials? Or do I have to do it?

And then, sometimes, you just have to straight-up lie and hope the guy your talking to doesn’t have a clue, like his answer to Raul below…

Not surprisingly, there were more than a few questions that just didn’t get answered.

Notice this next one is a US Representative…

Hmmm… those pesky rate increases don’t look to be isolated… Tennessee, Montana, Georgia, California, and Illinois.

Of course, not all of the questions were about the ACA, but that didn’t stop him from answer the guacamole question, so he could’ve thrown them a bone. You can take a look here.

And if you want to see how the White House reported it…

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