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College student shows how Liberals act when they are “offended”

College Student Attacks Peaceful Demostrator, Offended, Video Still

It’s sad to see that many of our youth don’t even realize that our freedoms granted by the 1st Amendment apply to everyone, even those they disagree with. There is no “right to be free from offense.” Stating an opposing opinion is not “hate speech” even though YOU personally may hate it! Chances are good, the person listening to your rant is offended just as much as you are by their’s.

This is the new America we live in — full of the “change” Barrack Obama promised. No longer are Christian conservatives able to quietly display their beliefs in the public square without fear of being called bigoted, being accused of hate speech, and worse — physically attacked.

See the video at MadWorldNews (language warning!)

This is how the next generation, soon to “lead” our country, handles opposition. They attempt to squash it, literally. They do not desire tolerance, acceptance for all, equality, or diversity. They want it their way, on their terms, according to their beliefs, all the time. They are fighting for socialism, plain and simple. Unfortunately, their liberal college education hasn’t provided them with the insight as to what their “progress” will do to our once great nation. This is the future of America … and it is shamefully being allowed to run amok and take over.

Read the full account at MadWorldNews

Photo credit LiveLeak

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