Black professor blames her menstrual disorders on white microaggressions

Zandria Robinson, Professor, Racist
Zandria Robinson, Professor, Racist

Some racist comments leave you speechless (well, almost!) Like these from university professor Zandria Robinson:

…the recently-departed University of Memphis professor who described “whiteness” as synonymous with “terror,” had even more old tweets resurface Thursday, in which she blames whites for every lethal riot in U.S. history, blasts Dick and Jane stories for being “heteropatriarchal,” and even attributes her menstrual disorder to white “microaggressions.”

It’s hard to even know where to begin. Like… who do white women with menstrual disorders blame their problem on? And, is there a whiteness terrorist training camp? Because if there is, I missed the memo.

For someone to be so callously and blatantly posting this content to social media, they must believe this is mainstream thinking, right? Or maybe she’s trying to stir up controversy? Or maybe she’s just so hateful and entitled that she feels it’s ok to publish such statements.

What will be interesting to see is whether any other “institutions of higher learning” are willing to pick her up. Let’s hope not. Shaping young minds is an important job. She’s clearly not up to the task. Let her exercise her freedom of speech via some other outlet… if she can find one!

UPDATE: She’s been picked up by Rhodes College according to NationalReview.

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