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Anti-American professor Tweets US is more brutal than ISIS

Professor Deepa Kumar, Socialism 2014, Video Still

It’s hard to fathom what reality some of these ultra-liberal professors are living in. Take Rutgers University professor Deepa Kumar who’s anti-American Tweets are attracting some attention after vehemently coming out against proposed Rutgers commencement speaker, Former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice.:

Rutgers Professor Deepa Kumar, Anti-American, Twitter
Rutgers Professor Deepa Kumar, Anti-American, Twitter

Yes, you read that right… she says America is MORE brutal than ISIS! I guess she thinks she’d be better off under ISIS rule, right?

Of course, it’s easy to spout your Socialist ideals and propaganda from a cushy professorship at a publicly funded university. That’s right people, our tax dollars pay for this woman to spew her anti-American sentiments and imprint our young adults with her hatred for this country.

Maybe she needs to reflect on the fact that this country has afforded her the opportunity to speak her mind without risk of losing her head (literally!) because she’s criticizing the government.

Yes, war is ugly and people do die. Casualties are a price paid for the greater good. And casualties are higher when you’re fighting a people who have no qualms about using women, children, and other civilians as human shields and suicide bombers.

She says war isn’t the answer… so what does she suggest? For one, she wants Israel to stand down and stop defending itself. I guess she’s ok with war if she likes the aggressor?

This ivory tower princess doesn’t seem to realize that sometimes you have to fight to hold your ground and protect the innocents. And she hasn’t thought much about the fact that given the chance, ISIS would gladly assume world domination. She could then look forward to a subservient life where someone else selects her attire… driving is no longer an option… attending school is forbidden… as is working at one. Oh, and let’s not forget that female genital mutilation thing…

How does that fit into your socialist-world-peace viewfinder Dr. Kumar?


Photo credit Youtube/WeAreMany

Tammy Messina

Tammy Messina

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