And now they’re giving these to 11 year-olds behind parents’ backs!

8th Grade Girls, Teens
8th Grade Girls, Teens

This just in from Washington state… Are they really implanting IUD’s into 11 year-olds without parental consent? Yep! What kind of doctors think this is OK? These kids can’t even buy a candy bar on campus or get an aspirin.

And if you needed any firsthand information about exactly how dangerous this could be for your child, take a look at this woman’s recent experience with an IUD. Frightening!

Here’s an idea… If you want me to stay out of your bedroom (you know that Liberal progressive mantra)… stay out of my kids’ bedroom (and worse… their private areas!) Don’t make it easier for my kids to do things I’m training them not to do. Don’t make it ok for them to go behind my back and do exactly what I’ve instructed them not to do. Stop undermining my parenting. Period.



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