A Kaleidoscope…Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

America is a kaleidoscope...it all depends how you look at it.

Brillian Hues Flicker

Dang time flies and it’s time to write again! 🙂 For once, I don’t know what to write about that wouldn’t be repeating the same thing as others, or stating the obvious in life and politics. As I think about the recent shootings that have occurred in Lafayette, Charleston, and Chattanooga, and the new Iran war deal, and see the 2016 candidates lining up, I think that America is a plethora of talents, ideals, vision, and tragedy all at the same time. It is like a kaleidoscope–a mixture of colors all coming together to create a uniform image. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some would view that image with awe; others would still be trying to decipher its intricacies through the lens.

America is an intricate web of many colors coming together in a unified way and sometimes not unified in form. It’s all in the way you look at it. Hope this makes sense. Keep looking through that lens–it will help you keep a positive outlook on life and produce CHANGE. Keep the vision!

Photo Courtesy of BrillantHues

When not blogging or volunteering her time for conservative causes, she runs a home editing business and can be seen poring over various clients' documents as well as playing piano, making cards, and spending time with her family. She continues to educate herself on pivotal issues in the world since gaining her college degree and being raised in a military family, which taught her the value of dedication, hard work, and citizenship.