Where are Feminists when transgender women compete in sports?

Fallon Fox, Transgender Woman, MMA Fighter
Fallon Fox, Transgender Woman, MMA Fighter

It’s science, folks. Men and women are built differently. You might be able to change the exterior facade through transgender hocus-pocus, but you can’t change DNA. Men are built for strength.

Take a look at this article and video. Transgender MMA competitor Fallon Fox nearly destroys (literally) her (formerly his) female opponent.

What I can’t understand is why the Feminist movement and community are not up in arms about this? Sure, they’ve added another “female” to their community. But in doing so, they’re diminishing the femaleness of those born as a female, especially when it comes to physical competitions. For a community who continues to demand equality, you’d think this would be a HUGE red flag. Why the silence? And will it continue?

H/T TheLibertarianRepublic

Photo credit FallonFox


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