UK water park caters to Muslim women sharia-style

Muslim Women Swim, Ocean, Islam

Some people are up-in-arms over UK’s WaterWorld special event catering to Muslim women sharia-style.

According to the promotional flyer, the scheduled event is crafted to only allow women attendees wearing “Islamically appropriate” attire, will have a female-only staff, and windows will be blacked out to prevent men from seeing the women.

Do you think this is ok for a private business to do, or not? How about if the event is held during NON-business hours? Does that make a difference?

WaterWorld is a private, for-profit business. In my opinion, they can choose to cater to whomever they want. And if private citizens don’t like it, they can voice their opinion as well as choose not to patronize the establishment. Voting with your wallet is perfectly acceptable.

The water park’s decision to host a Muslim-tailored event does not necessarily mean they are endorsing or encouraging implementation of sharia law. It simply means they are making reasonable accommodations for a subset of the population who normally would not visit their establishment. This is a win-win for both the business and patrons. It shouldn’t be a big deal…

Let me know your thoughts.

You can read the full story here.

Photo credit Michael Coghlan

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