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The Fix is in… Purge the Christians

When in the course of human events it becomes clear that government apparatchiks and Rainbow Jihad trolls (apologies for the redundancy) are colluding to shut down businesses that make cake, it might be time to ask what sort of flowers we should plant on America’s grave.

That would be if that brood of vipers wasn’t also coming after the florists. Sorry, they’re closed, too, due to an overabundance of tolerance and such.

Just remember, kids, destroying marriage wasn’t going to change a thing except to turn up the love a little louder.

Well, Aaron and Melissa Klein have had more than their fill of the new age orgy they’ve been forced to attend. They’re the owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, the Oregon bakery that shut its doors in the wake of their principled, God-fearing decision not to provide services for two gals on the so-called “right side of history.”

Not so sure how right your side is if it comes complete with torches and pitchforks, though (but props for leaving out the guillotine at least for now). Sweet Cakes was harassed out of operation by losers obsessed with bigotry windmills. Then it was issued a recommended $135,000 fine by a judge for the Ministry of InformationOregon Bureau of Labor and Industries in April to pay for the boo-boos suffered by these allegedly burdened bridezillas.

Next came the part about how insane a pagan double standard can be. GoFundMekilled the campaign to help raise money for the Kleins because it ran counter to that company’s ethics policy. Yes, you heard that right. A business being penalized for refusing service based on a deeply held belief was itself refused service, yet nobody is asking GoFundMe to cough up a six figure shakedown.

Because, equality.

And now for the latest indignity to decent Christian people who, as I said before, bake cakes for a living. Rather, let’s stop right there for a second and realize we’re talking about cakes. Not cakes filled with bombs or poison, or sharks with lasers on their heads.

Just freaking cakes. Cakes so threatening they apparently required a bureaucratic cloak-and-dagger routine to target for elimination.

The Daily Signal obtained communications between “Basic Rights Oregon” (oxymoron much?), a prominent gay rights group, and the Bureau of Labor and Industries which indicate that the penalty levied against the Kleins was arrived at in a less than objective matter… (read the rest at


Author Steve Deace barely made it out of community college in one piece, and then loosely attended a real college for a while. We say he only attended because there’s no record of him actually accomplishing anything while he was there, or at least anything he wants to tell his three children about before they’re 21 years old. By the grace of God he managed to find a woman that would put up with him, his wife Amy who daily exhibits the patience of Job. Because he’s not that educated, Deace actually believes the Bible is literally true and the Constitution isn’t a living, breathing document. He also knows way more about superheroes, Star Wars & Star Trek, and college football than any man not living under a vow of perpetual virginity in his mom’s basement should. Steve is a member of the LibertyAlliance network and all-around good guy.

Photo credit Laura Dye

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