Term Limits, Anyone? Yes Please.

National Mall, Washington DC, rally, crowd
National Mall, Washington DC, rally, crowd

Term limits are a contentious topic here in Los Angeles County. In 2002, voters passed Measure B (64% in favor), to limit the terms of County Supervisors to three consecutive four-year terms. So right about now things are getting interesting in LA.

Why limit the terms of elected officials? Presidential Candidate Dr. Rand Paul thinks:

We have all seen the consequence of long-term incumbencies. Career politicians seem to care more about their career than what is best for their country…As President, I will continue to support term limits in the hopes of ensuring that your elected officials act in direct representation of you and your needs.”

I support term limits, but for a different reason. It’s because politicians should be forced to leave office. Some of the more savvy politicians will cry foul, and explain that term limits hinder their momentum. My response is simple. If you can’t get the job done within your term of office; then let’s see what your successor can do.

One a separate note, Jeb Bush just entered the presidential race. We here in the States do not support dynasties. Two is our limit, Jeb. Your time would be better spent consoling your brother.

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Christopher Girdwood
The Republican Millennial

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