Report: TSA Stops Only 1 in 20 ‘Bombs’ in Tests

Airport Security, JehJohnson, US Department of Homeland Security, DHS
Airport Security, JehJohnson, US Department of Homeland Security, DHS

So all that patting, pinching and probing you’ve put up with for years just to get on board what amounts to a transit bus with wings surely has made U.S. airlines among the safest in the world, right?


In fact, that statement is so wrong that the head of the TSA has been sent packing in what is one of the quickest bus under-throwings of the Obama Administration’s entire term in office.

Of course, acting Director Melvin Carraway would probably still be happily playing with his toy airplanes if not for ABC, which on Monday reported on a leaked internal investigation of the Transportation Security Administration.

The report found that investigators disguised as passengers were able to smuggle phony explosives or weapons past the TSA 96 percent of the time.

Yes, you read that right.

Ninety-six percent.

Apparently, TSA agents are so busy feeling up passengers that they forget to actually search for prohibited smuggle-on luggage.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson was quick to roll out a list of six agenda items, including retraining of TSA personnel and grilling the manufacturer of faulty screening equipment.

But here’s a somewhat random thought, on the day when the Patriot Act’s provisions that allowed the NSA to suck up all of America’s electronic communications has finally expired: Why don’t we just eliminate the TSA?

The government has been spending millions of dollars to make fliers miserable and angry, with nothing concrete to show for it.

If the pretend bombers can sneak by 96 percent of the time, how much higher would be the percentage by actual bombers, whose missions depend on stealth?

Since the TSA obviously isn’t serving a real purpose other than assuaging paranoia and allowing the government to abuse our personal liberties, how about just doing without it and letting the real law enforcement agencies track down terrorists?


Tad Cronn is the editor in chief of The Patriots Almanac and a contributor at GodfatherPolitics.

Reprinted with permission courtesy GodfatherPolitics via LibertyAlliance.

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