Reduce the Deficit by Embracing Social Enterprise

social enterprise market, Los Angeles, DTLA
social enterprise market, Los Angeles, DTLA

Social enterprises are innovative private sector solutions to public problems. What social enterprises do so well is they utilize our purchasing power to cure societal problems.

For example, imagine a company that would give a new pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair you purchased. This shoe company is called Toms and there are thousands more companies doing similar work.

The looming budget deficit cannot, and will not, be tackled by increasing taxes. A reduction in federal government spending is the more rational choice of the two. This is because social enterprises are actively addressing societal problems where government spending has failed to show any tangible results.

The truth is that I can spend a dollar more effectively than my government. Social enterprises provide me with the best option to cure societal problems and send a strong message to our elected leadership.

Have a great week,

Christopher Girdwood
The Republican Millennial

Photo credit Marta Girdwood


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