Obama marks D-Day Anniversary with speech promoting amnesty for illegals

The 71st Anniversary of D-Day this year coincided with President Obama’s weekly address. Did he take the opportunity to reflect on the American lives lost defending freedoms across the world? Maybe inspire some national pride with our military history? Nawwww. Why would he do that?

Instead, he chose to advocate amnesty for criminals who willingly chose to break our laws and take jobs from American citizens. Instead of upholding the laws he’s sworn to uphold, he’s telling non-Americans that it’s ok to break them.

Oh… and he’s spitting in the face of WWII veterans, by omission. What a sharp contrast to prior presidents. Take, for instance, President Ronald Reagan. Take a listen to his speech. You’ll be inspired and filled with national pride.

H/T BizPacReview and Voice of America


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