If black lives REALLY mattered to President Obama, he wouldn’t kill school vouchers

Capital Building, Washington DC
Capital Building, Washington DC

Why is it that President Obama keeps trying to kill funding for the popular and successful school-choice voucher-like program in the Nation’s capital? Oh! And look who keeps keeping it alive… those mean, nasty, rich, old, white guys!

Once again, the Obama administration has zeroed out funding for a very successful school-choice program in Washington, DC – and once again, members of Congress are keeping the program alive.

So why is President Obama against funding this program?

The D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program provides a way for low-income parents to transfer their children to better schools. The program, which began in 2004 and has awarded scholarships to more than 6,100 students, boasts a 91-percent graduation rate.

Ah ha! You see in the last line there… only 6100 students have been able to take advantage of it. Mr. Obama is a social-justice-equality sort of guy. If ALL students can’t have it, NO students can have it! So it’s better to give everyone a substandard education than to make a better choice available for those willing to apply for a chance at one of those scholarships? Must be liberal logic, because I don’t understand it.

If #BlackLivesReallyMattered to President Obama, he would be all over this program and even help to expand it, because the primary recipients are disadvantaged, inner-city children… the majority of whom are black.

You can read the full article here on OneNewsNow.

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