ICYMI: Miss Piggy is Pro-Bacon

Miss Piggy

In case you missed it… Miss Piggy recently received the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art’s First Award. During the prestigious pig’s interview, she was joined by MSNBC reporter Irin Carmon and famous feminist activist Gloria Steinem.

Carmon asked Miss Piggy several questions in keeping with the feminist and women-power theme including… “Are you pro-choice?” To which Miss Piggy replied:

“I am pro – I am pro-everything!”

So we now have it on record… Miss Piggy is pro-choice, pro-life, and even pro-bacon (to name a few!) With a definitive answer like that, she may be considering a run for political office!

H/T MRCTV and LifeNews

Photo credit Miss Piggy


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