How does .3% of population get so much political and cultural influence?

Gay Pride, Performer
Gay Pride, Performer

With all of the fake outrage about how badly transgendered people are treated and how they are discriminated against, you’d swear 50 percent of the population of men and women in this country identified as “transgender.”

Well a new study conducted says that’s not even close to being an accurate figure. In fact, it’s a pretty horrible guess too.

When you see just how small the number of transgendered people are in America, it’ll leave you scratching your head as to how these folks got so much political and cultural influence.

From NYT:

Another paper, published in 2011 by the Williams Institute, used survey data to attempt to count the transgender population. It estimated that 0.3 percent of the population, or 700,000 adults, identified that way.

Read the rest at YoungCons.

H/T: YoungConservatives for another EXCELLENT post.

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