Father’s Day Tribute: Dad-Daughter Relationship

SelfieI’m probably the youngest blogger on this site. I’m a year and a half into owning my own business and I lived 3/4 of my life the daughter of an AF officer. I just spent two weeks in Israel with my dad and have scheduled a Dodger game with him in July. Even though I sometimes haven’t liked it, my dad has provided wise counsel and supported me through thick and thin.

Dana Perino, the first Republican woman to be a White House press secretary, provided an inspirational quote about the dad-daughter relationship.

A daughter’s relationship with her father is wonderful and complicated. He’s the first man they know, first they learn from and first they want to please. Daughters never want to disappoint their fathers and dads want to keep their daughters safe from evil and heartaches.


She goes on to name three things her father did for her. One was buy her a T-shirt that said, “Anything boys can do girls can do better.” Second was read the newspaper with her and discuss current events to encourage her to think critically. Third was touring the historical sites of Washington, D.C.

This weekend we remember our dads. Even if your dad is no longer with you, you can remember his character, his care, the memories you made together. If he still is around, don’t take him for granted. Spend time with him and value his advice. What memories do you have of your dad? How did he shape who you are today?

Happy Father’s Day Dad! I love you 🙂

Inspiration for this article from Fox News


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