Do you know this attacker? What have we become?

Vicious Attack
Vicious Attack

Just when you thought we lived in a civilized society, you see something like this video that leaves you shaking your head in amazement wondering how this is even possible.

The video is disturbing. A young female holding a small child is viciously attacked by another young female who quickly grabs her by the hair and pulls her off the bench and drags her across the grass while hitting her repeatedly in the head and body. As usual, there are people standing around encouraging the attack (along with one person doing a victory dance!) and at least one person recording the incident. Faces are not blurred, so it really shouldn’t be hard to make an arrest, with a little public assist.

This video been viewed over 10 million times (across the various published sources), yet not one person has come forward to identify who the attacker(s) is or where it occurred? How is that even possible?

There was a time when people did the right thing. Anyone who saw an attack like that would have notified an authority figure, PRONTO! Apparently those values no longer exist.

Please share the link, and ask anyone who may know anything to come forward and do the right thing. This could happen to anyone. We all need to stick together and protect each other.

TheConservativeTreeHouse is following this story closely, looking for leads, and posting regular updates. You can check back there for more info and submit tips through the contact they have listed.


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