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With all the news swirling around (see what I did there) in the media this week there was little attention paid to what’s behind the recent drop in Hillary’s numbers. Why, you ask? Because it seems like people are so polarized by male-female (can I still use those terms?) white-black, gay-straight (to name just a few) that we must, at all costs, ignore any and all evidence that just might convict a Dem. The Left is so desperate to hang something on a potential Republican presidential candidate that with some heavy digging they found out a few things:

Scott walker has credit card debt! He could owe as much as a combined $100 thousand to various credit card companies. Walker has given almost $375 thousand of his salary back to taxpayers. He has 2 kids in college, parents who live with him, and can you believe… a mortgage. You would think a rich, white Republican (as they all are) would have paid cash for his house, or at least his car? Nope, he has a car payment.

Let’s sum it all up… He has a mortgage, 2 kids in college, a car payment, parents living with him, major credit card debt, and a net worth of NEGATIVE $72 thousand! That can’t be right. He’s a Republican. Ask any low information voter and they will tell you, all Republicans are rich, old, white guys who hate women!

Scott Walker is the lowest net worth candidate running for president! Bernie Sanders is just above him with a net worth of $330 thousand. Isn’t it interesting that we know so much about Walker’s finance, family, and background in such a short period of time? All of his information was easily accessible.

On the other hand… What we know about Mr. Obama is that he fought a legal battle for 3 years to seal all his records. Transparency is not his long suit. Prior to becoming president, he got 17 tickets… in 4 years! Mr. Obama likes to do things faster than most, you know, like running up our national debt and fostering race wars. As is his custom in making last minute decisions, it seems he paid his tickets just before he ran for office. He got them in college, but didn’t pay them until just before he was elected president. I guess he was weighing all his options and didn’t want to make a knee jerk decision about doing the right thing! The press didn’t report on this. Weird. Yet, they are stuck on Mr. and Mrs. Rubio’s 17 parking tickets received (AND PAID) over the last 18 years! OMG! He must be park-o-phobic, you know… unable to or afraid to use a parking space as intended. The parking tickets were for both he and his wife, and guess what? That info wasn’t sealed.

Enter Mrs. Clinton (speaking of transparency and records), she has been involved in scandals, questionable dealings, or just downright illegal activities since the 1970’s. Let’s just deal with the last few years…

Travelgate:  Shortly after Mr. Clinton became president, Mrs. Clinton fired the White House travel staff and replaced them with an outside vendor with ties to the Clintons. The investigation found Hillary was less than honest and made MANY false statements to investigators (LIES).

HillaryCare: Mrs. Clinton’s attempt to institute socialized medicine during her husband’s tenure FAILED! Partly because the committee she convened, and her husband sanctioned, refused to meet in open session, didn’t provide reports, and never came up with a sellable plan. The whole transparency thing eludes her.

Whitewater: Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan was closed by federal regulators in the 80’s for illegal accounting. Investors were beat for over $70 million and the Clintons lost over $67,000 of their own money. Terrible! However, it seems that Jim McDougal (on the S&L Board of Directors) and the Clintons were “co-investors” in the Whitewater Development Corp. that was backed by the S&L. Because of their “close” friendship, McDougal agreed to pay off Bill’s campaign debt and Hillary’s firm received an undisclosed amount for handling the S&L shutdown, the development company, and the Clintons’ legal affairs during this time.

Filegate: Hundreds of background files on previous REPUBLICAN administration officials were somehow improperly or accidently or purposely handed over to a good friend of Hillary Clinton, Mr. Craig Livingston, Director of White House security under Clinton. But no one knows why or for what reason. Mr. Livingston resigned. The investigation he was conducting stopped. So, no wrong doing found!

Vince Foster: Close friend and Deputy White House counsel for the Clintons committed suicide across from the White House. Before the investigators got to his office his files had been removed and were never found! NO ONE could understand why he would do such a thing.

Rose Law Firm: Soon after congressional and justice department officials started issuing subpoenas for all billing records as it pertained to Hillary’s billable invoices to the Whitewater Development Corp. they went missing. Hillary said her role was incidental and was no biggie. Then God reached out from heaven and somehow made the records appear 2 years later in the White House legal department, with just a few pages missing! (Anyone else see a pattern here?)

Commerce Department Pay-to-Play: The Commerce department seemed to invite many high profile CEO’s and company presidents on these trips. Sounds ok, right? But it seems that only the ones that made large contributions to the Clinton campaign were actually allowed on the plane. When CEO Ron Brown refused to play, his plane somehow crashed. Daniel Pearson, lead investigator in the incident, left his post, and the investigation remains unfinished.

Lincoln Bedroom Rentals: Over 800 people (a record number) stayed in Lincoln’s bedroom while the Clintons were in office. You can’t get to that number with any 10 presidential administrations. It also seems, when checking the records, you can make a direct campaign contribution connection with every visitor! Coincidence? Doubtful.

John Huang Connection: Mr. Huang was appointed Deputy Secretary of Commerce. He was responsible for and helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Clinton campaigns. Sound familiar? He later pleaded guilty to one felony count of campaign finance violations for soliciting and receiving foreign money campaign contributions.

Monica Lewinsky: Forget the moral issues here. This incident proved the Clintons have no problem lying and cheating to get out of trouble or cover things up. Bill was found guilty of obstructing justice because he and his wife lied to investigators about the Lewinsky incident(s). To prove Hillary is living in an alternate universe, when the news of the Lewinsky scandal broke, Hillary famously blamed a “vast right-wing conspiracy that has been conspiring against my husband since the day he announced for president.” The fact that he actually was guilty had nothing to do with anything for her.

Bosnia Airport Sniper Lie: Apparently, Hillary is dealing with early onset dementia, since she is the only one that remembers gunfire and ducking bullets.

eMail-Gate: I have been in the technology business for 25 years. I called Hillary’s email fiasco a lie when the story broke, and they are finding out now… it’s all lies. She knew what she was doing and shoved it in the American people’s faces. She has no respect for us or our laws.

Screw Americans Foundation: Also referred to as the Clinton Foundation. Even the most prestigious non-profit reporting firm cannot figure out what they do or who they give money to because a little more than 5% is actually send out for relief-type programs.

Mark my words here today… this is just the top of the iceberg. They have always been, and will continue to be, a family of selfish con-artists and thieves. They don’t care what laws they break or who they hurt as long as it benefits them.

Hey, you Left-wing progressives, the ones that yell about the old, rich, white people who don’t care and want all the money and power for themselves, let’s see how honest you can be. Don’t vote for another old, white, rich person (Hillary) who thinks they’re above the law and really doesn’t care about what’s going on with you.

Does anyone really think she’s the best thing for our country? Can I get a courtesy flush here? Get rid of the stink. This toilet is about to overflow. The polls show that she doesn’t inspire confidence (50%), she is not seen as honest or trustworthy (57%), she doesn’t care about people (42%), and her favorability rating is at 50%, down from around 72% 18 months ago. And those numbers include young people and those on the Left!

But I’m sure you Dems will vote for her at all costs because she is a woman and she is a Dem. To heck with honesty, caring, trustworthiness, or integrity! Who needs those things anyway? That’s so old school.

Can I please get a courtesy flush?!

Joe Messina

Joe Messina

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