BREAKING: Let’s Do THIS in Response to the God-Mocking SCOTUS Decision

American Flag, Black Ribbon
American Flag, Black Ribbon

A good friend of mine, like so many of us across America, was heartbroken after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled same sex “marriage” to be legal throughout the nation. Just like that an oligarchy mandated wickedness and depravity. What can we do? How should we respond to the SCOTUS ruling? Of course we should all pray and seek God’s face and ask for revival and repentance. But beyond that? This Christian here in Oregon has a wonderful idea with the approach of Independence Day. Read on. TJ

By Concerned Christian in Oregon*

I’ve read the majority opinion and the minority dissents. ( I would encourage you to do the same).

But first, there is something that can be done to immediately express disapproval loud and clear and have a future impact.

I was extremely disappointed by the decision and like so many people believe that, as a nation, our religious freedoms are at risk, and will be diminished.

After letting that sink in I began to wonder how I could respond in a meaningful way anticipating the changes that are coming through lawsuits, court challenges, fines, etc. against our deeply held beliefs. Denying this, in my view, is not reality.

The question to me was how do we minimize the future activity against us, respectfully. How can we have a meaningful effect quickly?

So, in the middle of a restless last night the thought came; black ribbons hanging on the American flag, on as many as possible as soon as possible.

It is my belief that if enough are seen by and on the 4th of July the message will not be ignored. That message is “we disagree with the decision and we are many”.

It doesn’t require elaborate explanations in fact, the fewer the better. But the response has to be quick and in large numbers. This can be done now….all it takes is contacting those you know who are disappointed.

And do this by any and all social media asking them to hang a black ribbon on their flag and ask them to pass the idea on.

This could cover the nation in days, not waiting for organized demonstrations.

To have impact the response has to be quick and impressive.


Reposted with permission from SavingOurFuture via LibertyAlliance


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