21 Lessons Learned As A Sibling Of Someone With Special Needs

Special Needs, 21 Lessons Learned
Special Needs, 21 Lessons Learned

With all the crazy political and social news that we follow, it’s always a good thing to bring a little perspective to what’s REALLY important in life. This post from BuzzFeed does just that. He’s a few of the 21 lessons listed. Take a few moments to browse the others on their post. There are several drafted in beautifully inspirational memes ready for sharing on social media. Enjoy… and take a moment to reflect on those important things in life!

2. I’ve learned to stop applying my criteria for what a “good quality of life” is and understand my brother’s perception of its meaning instead. We then work together to help him achieve it.
Submitted by Josie-Lee Harris, Facebook

3. Any problems I have are trivial compared to the struggles and challenges my sibling faces on a daily basis.
Submitted by Jenny Doyle, Facebook

4. Be yourself. No matter what anyone says. You are you for a reason, and you should shine. You are enough.
Submitted by kimberlyt1991

14. There are times when things will get hard. Take a breathe and be kind and forgiving with your sib. Just don’t forget to be kind and forgiving with yourself too.
Submitted by marilynw4e75b8376

15. Strive to have fun, strive to be close. Bring your sibling to every family event and don’t ever let them sit on the outside. Lives are too short.
Submitted by donaldw4ca5e198d

Photo credit BuzzFeed


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