Zero-tolerance policy on wearing a cross in middle school

Rosary, Crucifix, Cross, Christian, Catholic
Rosary, Crucifix, Cross, Christian, Catholic

You have to give the gangs credit, they’re definitely creative. Gangs identify with specific bandanas or colors. Outlaw those bandanas and colors on school campuses. So what’s a gang to do? Pick something even more innocuous than a “color.” You know, like a cross, or more specifically… the rosary.

It’s a sacred object to Catholics. Many carry rosaries with them at all times. Even more wear crucifixes as an outward profession of their faith.

And now, a New Mexico 8th grader is told she can’t wear the rosary given to her as a gift. Why? They are now “inappropriate” on school campuses because gangs are using them to identify members.

Has this girl been a problem in school? Is there any other reason to suspect she may have gang affiliations? And is there really a zero-tolerance policy on wearing a cross in middle school now?

I guess the 1st Amendment no longer applies on school campuses. When freedom of religion is stamped out, it’s only a matter of time before we lose the rest of the freedoms. What they’re doing now is teaching our children that religion is wrong… it should not be seen in public… keep it to yourself, or there will be a price to pay.

This girl is only 13. She’s already paying a price.

I just want to know what happens when a gang adopts wearing a yarmulke or some other religious adornment? Will those also become “inappropriate”? Or will gangs be dealt with for what they are and religious observers be left alone?

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