What would Jesus do in Baltimore?

Reverend Al Sharpton
Reverend Al Sharpton

Let’s just agree for the moment, for argument’s sake, that there is rampant legal injustices happening in Baltimore toward minorities. Does that give the Reverend Al Sharptons of the world the license to stir up more hate and division… all under the guise of writing a wrong? What does Rev. Al’s Bible say about this sort of thing? Take to the streets and destroy your neighbors? I don’t think so. But then again… maybe his Bible is different from mine.

Leslie Brown at UnhyphenatedAmerica sums it up nicely:

Look at the contrast; G-d is for love, peace and unity, what’s going on in Baltimore is about hate, discord and division.

Looks pretty clear to me. Don’t let that “Reverend” title fool you. He may say he’s coming in the name of a religion, but it isn’t mine.

What would Jesus do in Baltimore? Pretty much the exact opposite of whatever Rev. Al does.

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