Using segregation to level the playing field #FAIL

Black And White, Kids Hands, Race, Racism
Black And White, Kids Hands, Race, Racism

First Lady Michelle Obama never ceases to amaze. Recently she was a featured speaker and attendee of the “Black Girls Rock” event, an event dedicated to honoring the achievements of black girls.

Forget the fact that a similar “White Girls Rock” event would NEVER fly.

What I’d rather focus on is… why do we even NEED a “Black Girls Rock” event? Continuing to have segregated events only serves to keep us segregated. And I thought the whole point was for everyone to be on a level playing field. So why this division?

Some say that Michelle’s attendance at an event like this sends a message to white girls that they aren’t good enough. I think it’s just the opposite. Why do they need to segregate the black girls from the whites in order to honor them? Aren’t they just telling black girls, “if you had to compete with the white girls, you wouldn’t be good enough to be honored”? That’s the real message.

If you want to level the playing field, let everyone compete together and receive honors on their own merits without using the “handicap” of “segregation.”

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