Triple amputee veteran says Memorial Day has turned into a disgrace

Brian Kolfage And Family, Memorial Day

I’m extremely disgusted with what Americans have turned Memorial Day into.

It’s now just another ‘holiday’ to profit and sell things. It is a day where we should honor the dead who died defending our freedom, instead we have turned it into a full-blown shopping bonanza that mimics Black Friday.

Is this really how our veterans would have wanted it? TV commercials blasting sales of their products, vaguely and usually never mentioning anything to do with our veterans who died, all to push products and profits up? Are we this greedy?

How and why are we allowing this huge injustice and slap across the face of every veteran who laid down their lives to even happen?

Think about it. Turn your TV on and listen to the messages that is being told. It’s all to sell crap that doesn’t benefit any Gold Star family, veterans, and doesn’t raise awareness for the main problems that these groups face today.

Instead of using this ‘holiday’ to raise awareness and help other veterans, we have all allowed it to go down the drain and straight into the dumpster.

Veterans are committing suicides at a rate of 22 deaths per day. And there are roughly 5000 children who will go to sleep tonight without their parent because they were killed in war. Let’s tell their struggles and help them.

Yeah it’s all great you saved $500 on your big screen TV this weekend, all under the false premise that you’re honoring the dead, right?

Go use the promo code “HERO” to get some extra savings, all in the name of freedom right? Businesses are straight up stealing valor to make money. They are using our nations heroes to a make buck and veterans and their families get nothing out of it.

Instead of splurging maybe take the time to research what this day is about. Help a child who lost a parent and donate a few bucks to a charity who helps them, be a role model for others.

If you’re a business owner, I call on you to run commercials that educate the importance of this day and urge your customers to donate to a certain veteran cause. Maybe even give a portion all proceeds to a veteran related charity.

Don’t be a sell out, remember those who made this all possible for us. Without them we’d all have nothing.

We allowed this happen. We can change it. But it will take every single one of you to stand up and be heard. Contact your local VFW’s, congressmen, veterans organizations, military bases, and local leaders.

Demand they take action and help make this day about those who deserve to be honored, as it was intended to be.


Author Brian Kolfage is a triple amputee veteran who speaks on behalf of veteran issues and military families.

Reprinted with permission from WoundedAmericanWarrior via LibertyAlliance

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