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Totalitarianism: Coming to a campus near you, courtesy LGBT groups

New York Apologetics, Debate, Shermer Vs Turek

The State University of New York-Stony Brook’s Graduate Queer Alliance (GQA) objects to allowing debate with a conservative, Christian author. Aren’t schools of higher learning supposed to welcome open discourse and debate on ALL sides of an issue? Not so much anymore. Now, only “acceptable sides” should be invited and represented. Dissenting viewpoints must be squelched.

Besides… as the GQA puts it:

“This is not an issue of free speech, not least because the views that Dr. Turek expresses have already been evaluated and exchanged in public forums countless times, and it has been concluded that they are indeed wrong and harmful.”

Who “evaluated” and “concluded”? Oh, that’s right, the GQA. I hate to break it to the GQA, but there’s a whole other world outside their academic bubble who have “evaluated” their views and “concluded” that they too are “indeed wrong and harmful.”

They claim to be supporters of free speech. But clearly do not understand what that entails. With free speech, there is no guarantee that you won’t be offended. There is no guarantee that your feeling may be injured. That’s just the nature of free speech and agreeing to disagree. Not all disagreements are easily resolved.

So who’s right? Apparently, it’s the side who controls the freedom to debate. When one side makes all the rules and silences dissenting voices, that, my friends, is called “totalitarianism”! Coming to a university near you… unless, of course, you speak out.

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Joe Messina

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