Time for a Round-up! Ferguson protesters stage sit-in at MORE’s office

Yes, we’ve heard the story over and over, Ferguson’s paid protesters want their money. Haven’t they heard, there’s no honor among thieves. That pretty much applies to all manner of criminal behavior.

Now the protesters have staged a sit-in at the local MORE office (formerly ACORN!) I think it’s rather convenient of them to all gather in one place. Now we just need to send in the local sheriff to round them up. If they’re waiting for their check, clearly we know who caused all the destruction!

I like Nicole Sanders’ idea from Shark-Tank:

“The government should make demonstrators (rioters) for hire illegal and they should gather up everyone involved and charge them with destroying buildings and make them repay the millions of dollars the city had to fork out in an effort to control their destructive behavior. The repayment should start with George Soros for fueling the hatred.”

Sounds like a good plan. But then, who would the unions get to show up to THEIR protests??



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