The Seven Year Switch, a Social Experiment

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Promise Wedding Ring

And in another instance of lunacy…

A new reality TV show claims it is designed to help married couples in trouble. How, you ask?

The eight episode series will follow four couples who have switched partners, as they put their marriages on the line, and eat, sleep and live with a total stranger.

It’s “The Seven Year Switch,” and they’re calling it a “social experiment.” The switch is an “experimental spouse” with the end result to determine if they want to stay married to their original spouse, or not.

So, let me get this straight… They’re going to take married couples who are already having issues, separate them, and pair them with another person to live for a month as if they’re married, all the while filming this for all the world to see.

What could POSSIBLY go wrong when you, your family, and your friends all see your spouse playing house and being intimate with another person on national TV? I’m sure that’ll fix whatever marital problems you’re having… because you’ll DEFINITELY end up divorced.

H/T DailyMail and TVByTheNumbers

Photo credit Alicia Griffin


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