Sin, not Lack of Wealth Redistribution, is the Problem with Baltimore

Baltimore’s problem is not poverty and lack of opportunity; it is sin in the human heart.

Many politicians are so predictable. Their views are based in fantasies that more power to certain people, and more money, can allegedly solve deep problems.

So the Patriot Post reports,

Rep. Donna Edwards (D-MD) pontificated on the Baltimore rioting and what she believes is contributing to poverty and, ultimately, violent behavior among minorities. Fox News anchor Chris Wallace brought up the city’s excessive crime rates, high unemployment and stunning student illiteracy and wondered if liberal policies are to blame since Baltimore has been under Democrat leadership for five consecutive decades. “No, I think it’s been unevenly spread,” Edwards responded. “I mean I would say, for example with our schools, just prior to the Freddie Gray incident, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake was actually prevailing upon our Republican governor to release money for school funding.” When host Chris Wallace pointed out that “Baltimore spends the third highest amount per capita on its public schools,” Edwards rebutted, “There’s uneven spending in the public schools.”

When you point out places which have had “those people” in power, and spent more money than a calculator can tally (or taxpayers can bear!)… well, the solution is… um… more power to those people, and more money.

Every time I hear or read such people discoursing on the “cause” of crime it breaks my heart, and makes me sick. It is not poverty and lack of opportunity; it is sin in the human heart. It is individuals refusing to live out their God-ordained purpose in serving and loving others. It is systemic injustice enforced by statute, thanks to the very people who talk about “social justice” while completely perverting the true definition of those words.

Again, it is sin. Period. End of story.

I have been places in Nicaragua and Jamaica that are poorer than any neighborhood you can find in the urban United States. I have seen people without iPhones and SNAP cards, living off what they can scrounge from the city dump (rather than what they can loot from a burning store!), and living in shacks cobbled together from discarded wood and rusting metal panels.

I have seen precious people sweeping the dirt outside where they live, to keep the dust down—making the best of what they have, for themselves and their neighbors. I once witnessed a woman who had gone days without food for herself and her children, excitedly asking if she could share the gallon-sized bags of rice and beans we just handed to her with a mother down the way—because her need was just as great. (We told her we would give to her neighbor, too—and we did.)

These were people who had not totally denied their common humanity, and thought of others in addition to themselves—among the most humbling things I’ve ever seen.

The main problem in American cities—from politicians to the people—is not a lack of money or power, but despicable envy and sloth.

  • – It is individuals looking at wealth created by the hard work of others, and demanding their “fair share”—even though they’ve done nothing for anyone but themselves—they’ve never applied their gifts to help others.
    – It is women foolishly providing sex to shiftless, wicked men… with no thought to covenant, and the future of the children produced in such illicit unions.
    – It is healthy people refusing to work, but demanding the government steal more from the productive, to enable their own ongoing pursuit of nothing.
    – It is “community leaders” willing to hand out welfare scraps in return for votes, with no concern for breaking the cycle of poverty—both economic, and in the souls of those they *use* for the sake of election day, and then cast aside.

More money merely makes such people better-equipped to do evil. More power only helps such politicians to do even more damage with their totally bankrupt “Progressive” policies that have failed everywhere they’ve been tried in history.

Yes, there are some relatively innocent folk caught up in the mess too, but the majority act like animals, not humans. People of every race have suppressed the knowledge of God and denied who they are created to be in His image. In this particular case they have chosen leaders falsely titled “reverend” to justify their ongoing wickedness, and point to everyone but themselves as the problem.

One more time, the problem is neither money nor power. It is sin. There is only one solution to that, and God is willing to pour out His grace beyond measure, if we will but look to Him for mercy. What Baltimore and Ferguson—and all other cities—need is not more government, but more faithful and free citizens and neighbors.

When you put “mercy” in the hands of government you get people posturing for votes with other people’s money. There’s a reason the Constitution gave no warrant for the Federal government to be involved in targeted welfare—the Founders knew the temptations of office, and tried to limit them.

Haven’t we allowed government to mess up education, welfare, and the economy long enough? Isn’t it time we looked back to what worked in the earlier days of the United States, when welfare was a local, compassionate, and individual responsibility of neighbors caring for neighbors? Or have we all become so hardened and cold that we really don’t care?

The past few years we’ve been content to use law enforcement to keep the “animals” in check, and in their proper place. We have not truly loved our neighbors—all of whom deserve to count with us as real human beings—and we’ve used government welfare as an excuse not to be personally involved.

Obviously that plan is on its final legs all across the country. We will soon either change course, or sit back and watch the police morph into something truly fearsome that will haunt us all.


Author Bob Allen is a veteran of more than 30 years in media, and has been spreading trouble across State lines since 1986. Most of his career involves producing, writing, and co-hosting syndicated talk and information radio programs, and he is currently Director of Programming for a national television network.

Reprinted from via LibertyAlliance.

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