PC police: “Walk-Only Zones” COULD offend disabled persons

Caution Sign, Heavy Pedestrian Traffic
Caution Sign, Heavy Pedestrian Traffic

Are our young people really this overly-sensitive? Students at Arizona State Univ. petition school to change name of pedestrian “Walk-Only Zones” because it COULD offend disabled persons.

They call it “microaggression.” I call it ridiculous. You’re in college for heaven’s sake! Stop wasting your parent’s money and go learn something that will help you earn a living and not be a drain on society! Worrying about how signs are labeled is NOT it!

Let’s take the sign in the photo above: “Caution: Heavy pedestrian traffic.” I shudder to think… is this microaggression against skinny people who may be offended that this walkway is only for large walking people? Or is this microaggression against fat people who are being singled out because of their size to use this walkway rather than another one? Do you see how ridiculous this can get? We can choose to be offended by just about anything. Or we can be grownups and recognize the intent behind it, which (shocker!) isn’t usually to be offensive.

We’re getting to the point where, if this keeps up, we won’t be able to communicate anymore and a dictionary will only consist of one page of words that we ARE allowed to say! Good grief!

H/T CampusReform

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