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Obama says your kids are just like illegals… not exactly

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If it’s okay to break one law, then why isn’t it okay to break other laws? If you allow millions of people to break our federal immigration laws, how can you expect any of them to obey our other federal, state and local laws? After allowing millions of people to break the law, at what point does our legal and judicial systems break down and collapse?

Now how would you feel if someone compared those millions of people who openly violated federal laws to your child?

Last week, Barack Obama was in Portland, Oregon, a state known for its Democratic liberalism and support for illegal immigration. Speaking about illegal immigration, Obama stated:

“We still got to make sure we get comprehensive immigration reform passed in this country. I couldn’t be prouder of the work that we’ve done through executive actions to make sure that our young DREAMers–young people who were brought here as children and are Americans just like our kids, except they don’t have the right documents–the notion that we would be keeping them in the shadows made no sense.”

“But we’ve got to solve that larger problem, and only Congress can do that, and you’ve got some great members of Congress who understand that. Now, we’ve got to get all members of Congress to understand that–and we’ve got to get that thing passed. It’s the right thing to do. It’s good for our economy–and it upholds our tradition as a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants.”

Like it or not, federal immigration laws state that anyone entering our nation, regardless of age, MUST do so through proper legal channels. Using Obama’s argument, then wouldn’t it be allowable for a child to steal from a store because the parent also steals from the store and took the child with them? Should we allow a child to sexually assault another child if their parent is also a sexual abuser?

How would you feel if someone compared a sexual abuser or thief to your child with the only difference is a piece of paper? And would you feel if they said that these criminals were just as important to our nation, society and economy as your child who has always abided by the laws as you taught them?

I find Obama’s comparison to be extremely offensive and a demonstration of an agenda that ignores facts.

Hundreds of schools have been choked with illegal children who speak little or no English. Schools are forced to spend valuable funds that they don’t have just to provide education in Spanish when America is an English speaking nation. You don’t find Mexico, or other Central and South American countries catering to kids who don’t speak the national language.

Obama ignores how the flood of illegals, including their kids, has ruined entire neighborhoods. Crime rates increase as property values plummet. Millions of Americans, especially younger Americans, find it harder to find jobs to help them pay for college or start their families because so many of the jobs are being given to illegals who often work for less and without paying taxes.

I’ve seen too many incidents where illegal children openly denigrate America and everything it stands for. Patriotic American kids have been attacked for wearing and displaying the American flag and then liberal courts uphold the claims of the illegals who say they were offended by our national emblem.

The list of negative impacts on our nation that are the results of illegals of all ages goes on and on. So when Obama says that these illegal kids are just as American and no different than our kids except for a piece of paper is wrong and offensive. Every parent in America should also be offended and let Obama know it.


David Jolly, Author,
Reprinted with permission via Liberty Alliance.

Photo credit Wikispaces Classroom

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