Nat’l Park Service says Liberty Bell is connected to LGBT (GLBT) movement

Liberty Bell As A Modern Symbol, LGBT
My neighbor was telling me about how his daughter took her kids to see the Liberty Bell and how they had redone the history signs there. It is now all about civil rights with the founding of our country barely touched upon. I’ve been trying to find a news story about this and am not seeing anything.I did find the Nation Park Service website basically endorsing the LBGT movement. While their curriculum is nothing but a list of modern civil rights lessons.You mean to tell me that the founding of our nation isn’t an exciting enough story that you have to ignore it and try to somehow connect civil rights? This sad rewriting of our national history is wrong and should not be ignored. We have let liberals take over teaching our children and our society.

Not to mention why is it ok for an official government service to endorse LGBT? We constantly hear about the separation of church and state, yet a hotly contested issue like this is ok for liberals to act like the know best. Another example of how liberals are prochoice until you disagree with their choice.

Check it out:


Students will learn the connection between the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and the GLBT Civil Rights Movement.


  • Students will be able to identify and explain the connection between the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and the GLBT Civil Rights Movement.
  • Students will examine and analyze photographs and a historical marker to identify and research the key people involved in the movement and exemplify their understanding of how the Liberty Bell has been used as a symbol by various groups, particularly by young activists during the Civil Rights era. 
Reprinted with permission from via LibertyAlliance.
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