Mom of the Year or child abuse?

Baltimore Mom Teen, During Riots
Baltimore Mom Teen, During Riots

It was only a matter of time before the liberal voices came out against the Baltimore Mom caught on video for retrieving her teenage son off the streets while he was engaged in the riots. Now they’re calling for her arrest for child abuse.

I guess it’d be better to have left him there to be arrested with 100’s of others? Facing possible incarceration for YEARS where he’d learn a lifetime of lessons that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy? Or worse, possibly killed?

These folks are so delusional that they’d rather have the teen’s life irreparably damaged by jail time, physical injury, or death, than to have his ego bruised by his mother calling him on the carpet for being involved in criminal activity.

And we wonder how things have digressed to the state of affairs we see in Baltimore? No need to wonder. Just listen to those liberal voices. You have all the evidence you need.

Did you notice how the teen didn’t run from her? That’s called respect.

Did you notice how he didn’t raise a hand to her? That’s called respect.

Did you notice how he didn’t talk back at her? That’s called respect.

NEWS FLASH… respect is a learned skill. It’s taught by parents. Parents who are involved. Parents who care. Parents who see their child dressed in black with their head and face covered, just like all the other kids on the street, and yet still recognize that it’s THEIR child. Because they pay attention. They’re involved. They know how their child moves and behaves. She saw a serious problem, she intervened, and took him home where he belonged. It’s called “parenting.” Something we need to see more of.

The ones who should be investigated by child services are the ones who’s children were left on the street to destroy all that property and those who were arrested. Do you think that they’ll be investigated for neglect? For raising a criminal? Doubtful.

H/T USA Today

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