Mansplaining how artwork offends feminists

mansplaining, feminism
mansplaining, feminism

Over Memorial Day weekend, “feminists” on Twitter and other social media outlets had themselves a good cry over a mean statue that left their feelings all hurty because men. The statue, above, is a supposed paean to male indifference because, and the following is a real thing, it supposedly depicts “mansplaining.” If you don’t know what “mansplaining” is, just consider yourself lucky and move on with your life. Don’t find out.

For those of you who stuck around, the femsplanation of what is wrong with the statue goes like this: The girl in the piece of artwork is seated. The boy in the piece of artwork is standing up and has his leg on the bench. This means he is being dominant, and therefore mean. And big tough feminists don’t like it when men are mean so they cry about it on the internet. Got it? No? Let’s try again…

You can read the rest and see more related Tweets here.

Photo credit AnnFriedman


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