How to get your school district’s attention when sex ed goes too far

Canada Sex Ed Protest, Parents
Canada Sex Ed Protest, Parents

Parents do have a say in their child’s education. And if the school board or district isn’t listening, this is how you get their attention when they force objectionable material on your children.

Canadian children were kept home in-mass as a protest against new sex education materials. One district saw a 144% increase in absences as a result.

“They’re trying to promote what 8% of the people (believe) and impose their lifestyles on 92% of the people,” Azeem insisted. “Enough is enough. In a country like Canada, it’s secular, everyone has a right to live and have their freedom of speech.

“They can do anything that they want … but don’t come in my house and talk to my kids and spoil their future.”

Education is a partnership between parents, teachers, and schools. When government decides they know better than you what’s good for your children, you do have rights.


Photo credit Yahoo News Canada DailyBrew

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