How does Hillary Clinton’s baggage keep getting a media pass?

Hillary Clinton Vs Carly Fiorina, Baggage, 2016 President
Hillary Clinton Vs Carly Fiorina, Baggage, 2016 President

Hillary Clinton’s baggage is virtually ignored by the mainstream media. She has a track record of governing. Every aspect of that record should be laid out for all to see. Real journalists would be doing that. But they’re not.

Instead, they focus on whatever few tidbits about Carly Fiorina they can find. There’s not much. She’s never held office or governed.

Sure, they should make an attempt to translate Carly’s private service record into how it would look governing in public service.

And they should clearly lay out Hillary’s record as well. We KNOW how she will govern. Unanswered questions about her record are NOT options. Enough with the secretive presidency!

The scandals buzzing around her are enough to make the Watergate tapes look like child’s play. But we had a media team that was relentless at getting to the truth. Without them, there would have been no hearings. Do we have any REAL journalists anymore?

Cartoon credit A.F. Branco at ComicallyIncorrect


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