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How “compassion” and “respect” slaughters 6 million people

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O   M   G !!!!! Did you read Matt Walsh’s latest piece about Planned Parenthood? It’s long. I thought it would NEVER end. But I could NOT stop reading… it just kept getting better and better! He’s spot on (as usual) with every point, driving home the lunacy that we, TAXPAYERS, are funding this deceptive, destructive organization.

If you have friends or family members who just don’t understand why you’re so against abortion or why you insist on focusing on those “social issues” in politics, this is the article for them! Share it. Spread it around. Start a conversation with it.

The Left’s latest soundbites surrounding the abortion debate has been to call those of us supporting a ban on late-term abortions “disrespectful” and “lacking compassion” to pregnant women. Matt addresses that head-on in an open “letter” to Planned Parenthood’s CEO, Cecile Richards:

Your company has been relying on taxpayer sugar daddies for 45 years, and it just keeps getting progressively more egregious. You’re currently raking in over half a billion dollars in tax money annually — all of it collected without respect to anyone’s choice. I’m told that a good many of the people you’re stealing from are also women, so even “a woman’s choice” can be, in your estimation, superseded if some wealthy authority figure decides that she ought to be separated from her hard earned income for reasons that are beyond her ability to comprehend.

I find this arrogance and paternalism quite disrespectful to women (and men, if you care about that sort of thing).

It’s disrespectful, specifically, to our rights, our wallets, and our intelligence.

He goes on to question Ms. Richards’ “compassion” and “respect”:

What really sets you apart, of course, is the murdering. You, Ms. Richards, are personally responsible for 327,000 children being executed this past year alone. In all, your abortion retailers have slaughtered over 6 million human beings, which makes you about as prolific as the Nazis, and equal in moral depravity.

To put this in perspective, consider the professional football stadium in my hometown of Baltimore. It has a seating capacity of about 71,000. I would need more than 4 stadiums of that size to fit all of the children you’ve slain in one year. That’s four entire football stadiums stacked with dead bodies, and even then we’d run out of room. I could fill every football stadium in the country 3 times with the people you’ve killed over the course of Planned Parenthood’s existence.

So, compassion? Really?

I want you to actually visualize it, Cecile. Visualize 90 stadiums packed with maimed, rigid corpses, and and then tell me again about your compassion and respect. Tell me how “compassion and respect” slaughters 6 million people.

You’re a certifiable lunatic if you legitimately believe mass genocide is compassionate. But you don’t actually believe that, do you? You know better. You’re a businesswoman, not a psychopath. Killing is just your business.

And if THAT didn’t wake you up… he gets specific about exactly what happens in those late-term abortions:

So you also know that these babies have a nervous system, they react to outside stimuli, and they feel pain. Which means you know that when a child is sliced into pieces during a Dilation and Curettage abortion, and then scooped out of the uterus like a plumber unclogs a sewage line, the pain is excruciating. And if the method is Dilation and Evacuation, you know the child is alive and in agony as the doctor literally rips him apart, limb by limb, while the nurse collects his body parts and reassembles them to be sure that no pieces were left inside.

The last part to be pulled out is the child’s severed head.

Even animals are put down more humanely than this. You and I would both be disturbed if we hired an exterminator to take care of a mouse problem and we found out he kills them by tearing them to pieces. And those are damned rodents. These babies are human beings.

You can try to dismiss that as extreme or hard-Right activist propaganda, but all you have to do is look it up in a medical textbook. Doctors are trained in this procedure, as are the nurses who have to reassemble the pieces to ensure the mother has a good chance of recovery after the procedure.

He makes one final plea to readers that I think we should all take to heart:

Note to readers who aren’t Cecile Richards: if you want Planned Parenthood to be defunded — and you should if you paid attention to what I wrote here — then contact your representatives today and demand it. Every dollar Planned Parenthood gets from taxpayers is an unconstitutional injustice, and it needs to be stopped. Speak up and say something.

Will you be making a call to your Senators today? I will!

Thanks for painting such a vivid picture, Matt! God bless you for speaking the truth so boldly.

And if you haven’t read Matt’s full article yet, do it now, then pass it along. You’ll be glad you did!

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