Franklin Graham says Halt All Immigration of Muslims

Franklin Graham
Franklin Graham

If anyone else said it, they may have gotten death threats. In fact, Graham may be getting some rabid calls even now.

Unmoved by pastors rebuking him last month for his views on police brutality, Graham sent out a bold tweet that said what most others seem too afraid to say—or don’t have the platform to say it:

“Our govt needs to halt all immigration of Muslims from countries that have active terrorist cells & take military action to defeat ISIS.”

That bold tweet has been favorited over 1,300 times and retweeted nearly 800 times as of this writing. Of course, not everyone agrees with him.

His tweet got mixed reactions.

“I agree. Islam is not a religion. It calls for control over every aspect of society,” one person responded.

Another wrote, “Is this Gospel or politics?”

Still others were concerned about those who may not be allowed entry into the U.S. for legitimate reasons, like fleeing terror.

Graham did not respond to any of them.

What’s your take?


Reprinted courtesy via Liberty Alliance. Jennifer LeClaire, author of the book, Appeal to Heaven: Join the prayer movement that will draw our nation back to God.

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